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With all of yesterday’s media about various new Android Wear watches, you may have neglected ASUS had a watch of their own to bring out. The company’s ZenWatch 2 has been established for quite a while, however they did not have a lot to share when it comes to accessibility.

Well, not any longer - ASUS says the ZenWatch 2 is going to be here in Oct, along with Europe getting the first to get the products. The smart watch will definitely cost about €149, which is sure to earn them several eyes of company compared to Motorola and Huawei’s options, some variations of which might cost close to double.

The ZenWatch 2 began the trend of companies providing multiple sizing options. There is a small and large choice based on what you like, with each arriving 3 colorations. They also offer a bevy watch straps options, with EIGHTEEN different color and strap material combinations available.

ASUS says the battery can last as long as two days and charges 36% more quickly compared to the earlier model. You may get up to 50% of battery life - about a full day’s worth - along with simply THIRTY SIX minutes of charging. Not bad.

ASUS is banking on the smart assistant suite of micro-sized applications to help get you on-ship. What’s Next and Do It Later are a couple of applications which can be quickly installed if you have an ASUS watch, and they allow you to see your future agenda or delay assignments until you have time to do them all later. FoneHelper provides you with access to easy configurations and tools to assist you find your phone.

Remote camera can act as a 2nd camera monitor in case you require photos from hard perspectives. And ASUS actually has their own small emote-sharing suite, though the fact that it only works together with other ZenWatch consumers will be a bit of a turnoff (Android Wear’s built-in personal function must help to reduce that discomfort, though).

The price tag alone might be enough to swing some people toward the ZenWatch 2 over other models, but we’ll need to wait until we can get our hands on it to verify if it is worth skimping on a more expensive experience to have an affordable (but still capable) Android Wear watch.

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